Poll shows Tories are heading to catastrophic defeat as MPs plot coup

Liz Truss shuts down calls for a general election

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A leading pollster has said the Conservatives are now in “absolute freefall” as confidence in Liz Truss’ government appears to be evaporating. The warning from Techne UK chief executive Michela Morizzo came as her companies latest tracker poll revealed Labour’s lead had increased by a further two points.

The weekly tracker poll revealed support for Labour is at 49 percent while the Tories are down to 25 percent. 

It represents the third big drop in public backing for the Government since Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng gave his mini-budget last month.

Labour’s lead over the Tories now stands at 24 points – up two from last week – and an increase of four from a fortnight ago.

The problem is even starker among women where Labour now has more than double the voters on 51 percent to 25 percent.

The one category where the Tories still lead Labour is among 2016 Leave voters but even here for the first time their support has dropped below half to 46 percent.

Ms Morizzo said: “Our regular tracker poll this week gives Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour a significant 24 point lead – up two points on our poll last week. The Conservatives are in absolute freefall.

“Such a poll lead for Labour would give them a clear majority at a General Election and banish the Conservatives to a result at least as bad as 1997, perhaps even worse.

“At this time, it is very hard to see any route back for Liz Truss and the question is how she will manage to lead the country in the midst of an economic and political storm.”

With Tory MPs plotting to replace Ms Truss with Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, former Chancellor Rishi Sunak or Leader of the House Penny Mordaunt, one former minister said: “The only question is whether our support is collapsing faster than the markets.”

There has even been speculation that Boris Johnson could be asked to return.

One senior MP said: “There would be no doubt we would be doing better in the polls now if he was still Prime Minister.”

According to the Electoral Calculus prediction website and if the poll represented a real election result, Labour would have 302 majority.

The Conservatives would see their worst-ever result with just 78 seats.

It means Sir Keir Starmer would have a free run at taking the UK back into the EU and completely overhauling Britain’s constitution and economy.

One of the plans is to replace the House of Lords with an elected chamber.


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