Pro-Trump websites aren't buying the president's claim that Joe Biden really meant US troops are 'stupid bastards'

  • President Donald Trump during the presidential debate on Tuesday accused former Vice President Joe Biden of calling US troops "stupid bastards" in 2016.
  • Biden did make the remarks, but his campaign said it was done so endearingly.
  • It is extremely unlikely Biden had maliciously disparaged US troops. In the same speech, the former vice president had praised the service members for their heroism and described them as "the finest generation of warriors the world has ever, ever known."
  • This comes after a report in The Atlantic in which anonymous sources said Trump had called fallen US soldiers "losers" and "suckers."
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President Donald Trump during Tuesday's presidential debate unearthed past comments made by Democratic nominee Joe Biden in which the former vice president jokingly described deployed US service members as "stupid bastards."

During the debate in Cleveland, Ohio, Trump interrupted Biden's answer to a question on climate change. Trump was widely criticized for the number of times he cut Biden off.

"He made a statement about the military. He said I said something about the military," Trump said in response to Biden's statement about the Green New Deal. "He and his friends made it up, and then they went with it. I never said it. What he did is he said he called the military 'stupid bastards.'"

Trump appeared to be referencing comments made by Biden roughly 12 minutes earlier, in which the former vice president accused the sitting president of intentionally disparaging US service members. The allegation stems from a bombshell report in The Atlantic, which cited several unnamed sources claiming that Trump had callously called fallen troops "suckers" and "losers."

The president denied making those remarks following the report's publication.

On Tuesday, Trump lashed out at Biden by referencing a short video clip in which he referred to US troops as "stupid bastards."

Biden's campaign admitted that the Democrat had, in fact, made the remarks, which resurfaced on the internet over the weekend. In the full video that was uploaded by The Washington Examiner on Saturday, the then-vice president delivered a message of support to coalition forces deployed to the United Arab Emirates in 2016.

Biden praised the service members for their heroism and described them as "the finest generation of warriors the world has ever, ever known." After attempting to deliver a joke that failed to be noticed by his audience, Biden affectionately described the crowd as "stupid bastards" and a "slow bunch."

Biden, however, denied making the comments during the debate on Tuesday.

"I did not say that," he said.

"He said it on tape. He said 'stupid bastards,'" Trump replied. "He said it. I would never say that."

Biden's own son, Beau, served in the Delaware Army National Guard and deployed to Iraq. Beau died of brain cancer at 46 in 2015.

The far-right website Breitbart also noted Biden had "jokingly" made the remarks. The Blaze, another conservative blog, wrote in a sub-headline, "It was just a joke."

Despite the evidence that suggests otherwise, Trump's campaign seized on the video footage to suggest Biden had intentionally disparaged US service members.

"Joe Biden's campaign has confirmed the authenticity of the video where he is seen insulting our military men and women and calling them 'stupid bastards,'" the campaign tweeted. "Biden should apologize!"

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