Red faced Theresa May pulls plans to give MPs extra holiday to avoid defeat

Red faced Theresa May pulled a plan to give MPs five extra days holiday to avoid suffering a humiliating Commons defeat.

The Government began the process of dissolving Parliament early last night.

But the plan was slammed by Labour and a number of high profile Tory MPs including Nick Boles and Nicholas Soames.

The Commons is due to rise for its long summer recess next Tuesday but the Government tabled a motion to go on holiday five days early – making this Thursday their last day.

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The idea of an extra few days’ summer break – on top of the six weeks already planned – would have proved unpopular with voters.

But it may have helped the Prime Minister who is facing daily pressure from rebels on both sides of the Brexit divide.

However after Labour indicated they would vote against the motion it became clear that Theresa May would suffer a defeat in the Commons.

This evening the Government Chief Whip told the House of Commons they were dropping the hastily thought out plan.

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A Labour Party spokesperson said: "The Tories tried to save the Prime Minister’s skin with this Westminster ruse of extending their holidays, but they have been forced into an embarrassing climb down. That they even considered it shows what a state they are in. This is Government in name only."

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