Rishi Sunak refuses to address party unity as he becomes PM

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The former Chancellor was mobbed by reporters shortly before being announced as the Tory pick to replace Liz Truss as Britain’s Prime Minister. Heading into his private Westminster offices on Monday, Rishi Sunak was asked repeatedly if he was the “unity candidate” about to bring the divided conservative party together but choose not to answer. Mr Sunak’s lack of media appearances or interviews during the course of the Conservative leadership conference was not missed by political pundits and commentators. 

Adam Bienkov from the Byline Times tweeted: “Within hours Rishi Sunak, who has not given a single interview, taken part in a single debate, or set out his plans for government in any way since announcing his candidacy, will likely become our next prime minister.”

Sunak and his rival Penny Mordaunt had been due to submit nominations from at least 100 supporting Tory MPs by 2 pm this afternoon, but the Commons leader withdraw from the running shortly before results were due to be released.

The result has left Mr Sunak as the only remaining candidate in the leadership race meaning a run-off decided by the Tory membership is not required.

Mr Sunak is set to become Prime Minister only months after finishing behind Liz Truss in this summer’s previous Tory leadership contest. 


Rishi Sunak announced as the new Prime Minister

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