Sadiq Khan warns Cressida Dick ‘on notice’ as London Mayor vows to ‘take action’

Cressida Dick needs to come up with 'clear plan' says Sadiq Khan

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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan sat down on Sky News with journalist Kay Burley to talk about the watchdog investigation into police officers’ conduct. Vile messages from police officers have come to public attention due to the report which found police officers making rape jokes along with other offensive statements. Mr Khan assured Brits that he was taking and handling the situation the right way. Mr Khan explained that anyone working for him who wasn’t up to the job would be expected to leave.

Mr Khan said: “Yeah it’s very important for Londoners to know that if anyone who works for me isn’t up to the standards I would expect them to go.

Ms Burley said: “And when were you expecting to hear back from her?”

Mr Khan said: “We’re talking about days and weeks.”

Ms Burley said: “And when you spoke to her the other day was it a trustee meeting, how did it go?”

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Mr Khan said: “Well I’m not going to go into the full details and stuff.

“But I think it is in the public interest for me to share with you, yeah it was, it was a ninety minutes plus meeting.

“And the two things that are of public interest, is me being quite clear in relation to the commissioner needs to come back to me and show me, that she has a clear plan.

“An immediate plan to root out officers like this, cultures that lead to this sort of stuff.

“And secondly an immediate plan to win back the trust of confidence.”

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Mr Khan had the meeting with Dame Cressida Dick After a watchdog report exposed the way Metropolitan police officers had made vile jokes about “raping” and “hate-f*****g” other female police officers working at the Met.

The investigation into the Met environment began in March 2018 after allegations of a male officer having sex with a woman at a Met police station.

The report showed racist comments had been made about “killing black children” and beating up their partners.

The officers have since given the excuse that the vile abusive, homophobic, racist, and sexist messages were just “banter” between them.

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Many Brits have been calling for the resignation of Dame Cressida Dick due to the Sarah Everard case last Spring and due to a recent investigation by the (IOPC) which reported that there was evidence of discrimination, misogyny, racism and sexual harassment amongst her staff in the police force.

 Labour MP for Nottingham East, Nadia Whittome, said: “There is a culture of institutional misogyny in the Met. Cressida Dick should resign.”

A co-founder of Reclaim These Streets, Jamie Klingler said: “When an organisation is built around silence and complicity there is no way anything changes.

“It is 100 percent time for Dame Cressida Dick to go.”

The regional director at the IOPC, Sal Naseem said: “The behaviour we uncovered was disgraceful and fell well below the standards expected of the officers involved.

“Policing in the United Kingdom is by consent, which means the trust and confidence that the public has in the police service is critical. The behaviours we uncovered risked causing serious damage to that relationship.”

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