Sassy Merriam-Webster Trolls Trump On ‘Foe’

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks with the news media before boarding Marine One for travel to Europe from the White House, in Washington, U.S., July 10, 2018. REUTERS/Leah Millis

The increasingly saucy writers behind the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Twitter account have zapped Donald Trump for calling the European Union a “foe.”

“I think the European Union is a foe,” Trump said Sunday in a CBS interview on “Face the Nation.” “What they do to us in trade. Now you wouldn’t think of the European Union, but they’re a foe.”

Merriam-Webster appeared to be just as stunned as Americans — and Europeans — were. But the president did use the word “foe,” and yes, the dictionary assured in a tweet, the definition of “foe” remains the same.

Particularly cheeky was the dictionary’s use of the word in a sample sentence: “Many considered him a foe of democracy.”

Twitter fell head-over-heels in love. One tweet offered the dictionary a drink. Another tongue-in-cheek comment asked Merriam-Webster who the hell she thought she was, dictating word definitions.

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