SNP Health Sec caught on camera in farcical fall as he rushes through Holyrood on scooter

SNP’s Humza Yousaf takes unfortunate fall off his scooter

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Health Secretary Humza Yousaf has been filmed falling off a scooter after rupturing his Achilles heel playing badminton. The SNP minister has been using crutches and a scooter, according to BBC’s Glenn Campbell. Mr Yousaf was mocked in the comments after telling people on Wednesday to “think twice” before calling for an ambulance.

While he pledged any additional cash that could be found would be spent trying to ease the pressure on the health service, the Health Secretary conceded it “will be a challenging autumn and winter”.

Mr Yousaf told BBC Radio Scotland: “We are in for an extraordinarily difficult winter.

“We know that the flu season could be extremely challenging, we know that people that are presenting – whether it is presenting to the ambulance service or GPs or A&E – they are presenting more sick because they haven’t presented for the last 18 months.

“Looking at the data the last time we had 1,000 patients in hospital with Covid was December 2020, our A&E presentations now, when we have the same number of Covid patients, is 40% higher.”

Twitter users were quick to react to the video following Mr Yousaf’s recent comments.

Paul Smith said: “Hilarious if anybody deserves to fall flat on his face it’s Humza Yousaf.”

Colin Morrison added: “I hope Humza Yousaf didn’t require an ambulance as by all accounts he might need to wait 40 hours.”

While others questioned why the video was shared by the BBC.

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Ian Phillip wrote: “Weirdly unsavoury look for a state broadcaster to be mocking someone for hurting themselves while already carrying an injury.”

Fiona McGregor asked: “Nasty. Isn’t there some actual news you could be reporting on?”

The Scottish minister also took to social media to respond to the clip of himself.

He said: “All for media scrutiny and never shy away from it.


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“Just not sure there is need or purpose to tweet out a video of me falling over while injured.

“If anyone else had fallen over while on crutches, a knee scooter, or in a wheelchair would your first instinct be to film it and tweet out?”

It comes after Nicola Sturgeon has apologised “unreservedly” for long ambulance waiting times, announcing that the military could be brought in to help with the backlog.

The First Minister was questioned about the death of Gerald Brown, 65, from Glasgow, who died after waiting for 40 hours for an ambulance, the Herald reported on Thursday.

She offered her condolences to the family of Mr Brown, but said the issues in the service would continue “for a period” as pressure caused by the pandemic continues and the winter months draw closer.

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