Specsavers! Brexit Britain could undercut EU and become magnet for designer glasses

Brexit ‘was about bringing politics home’ says Lord Frost

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Aron Ekstein, from Designer Optics – a US-based retailer of designer glasses, believes that leaving the EU gives the UK the “perfect opportunity” to cut import taxes on designer goods. He believes that much like Rishi Sunak’s freeports – which will see goods transit through the country tariff-free – the same ethos could be applied to high-value desirable goods like glasses.

This would help boost the UK’s “Global Britain” image and also attract bargain-seeking tourists in their droves, he claimed.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, he said: “Designer goods are typically more expensive in foreign countries because of import taxes.

“Places like Hong Kong and Singapore are known across the world for the saving people can get on duty-free goods.

“Brexit is a great opportunity for the UK to sit up and cut these taxes or get rid of them entirely and make itself really competitive.

“While it’s out of the EU, it’s also really close geographically so people could easily come to the UK on a sort of fashion ‘booze cruise’ to get their favourite designer items.

“This would be great for the economy in lots of ways – both through the boost to imports and added investment in the country through to the extra money that tourists spend staying in hotels etc.

“It’s a win-win and is a real opportunity that the UK should seize immediately.”

He spoke as former Brexit Secretary Lord Frost dismissed claims by some Remainers that Brexit had reduced democracy in the UK.

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Speaking on GB News this evening, he said: “Brexit was about bringing politics home, it was about bringing democracy back to Britain so we could set our own rules.

“Make our own destiny in the world again.

“That means we’ve got to win the arguments here again.

“For people like me, that means winning the arguments for free markets, for freedom of speech, for free economies.

“But other people don’t think like that.

“We’ve got to win those arguments.

“So in that sense there are a variety of futures.

“But they are futures that we choose now as British people – forging our own destiny in the world.

“Making our own future – succeeding or failing on our own two feet.”

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