Tens of thousands of paid in compensation to victims of accidents in Parliament

Tens of thousands of pounds worth of taxpayers’ cash has been paid out in compensation to victims of accidents in Parliament.

One got £18,000 after a ceiling tile fell on their head, while another at a House of Lords dinner won £20,000 after a waiter splashed them with hot water.

The incidents were revealed in a dossier of reported mishaps obtained under freedom of information rules.

It includes a string of electric shocks and trips on flooring. In one incident, a person slipped on a child’s vomit.

The revelations come amid fears that Parliament’s buildings are a death trap in urgent need of refurbishment.

One staff member was awarded £13,300 in 2016 after he fell off his motorbike in the parliamentary car park – allegedly because the road was dusty. He continued his ride home but later went to A&E.

Meanwhile, compensation claims are pending over one person who fell while carrying work equipment onto a tube train.

Two other incidents involving elderly visitors who tripped while attending parliamentary functions are also under review for compensation.

The accidents which ended in payouts are just a fraction of the dozens of mishaps that happened in the last three years

A House of Commons spokesman said: “We are committed to protecting the health and safety of those that work on or visit the Parliamentary estate.

“We have in place robust arrangements, including a network of fully trained first aiders, to help prevent accidents and we work to reduce harm wherever possible.

“The number of accidents reported are in line with comparable organisations, and the type and number of accidents are not due to any inherent defects or work practices within the buildings.”

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