Theresa May schools Boris Johnson with 3-word snub ‘decency, honesty and integrity’

Theresa May discusses her 'essential' values for public life

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Theresa May made a thinly veiled swipe at Boris Johnson ahead of his resignation speech while remembering colleague James Brokenshire. Mr Johnson announced earlier today that he will be standing down as Prime Minister. Political figures and members of the British public have been calling for his resignation due to his perceived failures as Prime Minister. Ms May praised her Mr Brokenshire for his decency honesty and integrity and explained what it takes to be an effective minister.

Ms May said: “It isn’t good enough just to wing it or prioritise getting the headlines.

“An effective minister takes the time and trouble to really get into the detail of the issue.

“James Brokenshire was a safe, dependable pair of hands and I always had confidence in him.

“James wasn’t merely competent. He was unmistakably somebody with deep-rooted values.

“He exemplified decency, honesty and integrity. “Values that I believe are essential to public life if we are to have faith in our politics.”


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