‘This is subjugation’ Brexiteers outraged as EU demands UK play by its rules

Brexit: Barnier says things will be 'more difficult' for UK

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The Government has warned it will not be pushed into “bending over backwards” to the tune played by Brussels as both sides remain locked in the post-Brexit dispute. Furious Express.co.uk readers accused Brussels of attempting to limit the freedoms of the UK, which left the bloc in January 2020.

A Government source said: “We want to find the best way forward for Northern Ireland, we are confident of a suitable arrangement.

“But we won’t simply bend over backwards as we need to ensure the protection of the Belfast Agreement in all its dimensions.

“It’s an extremely delicate balance.”

Many readers took aim at the EU’s stubborn stance as it continues to insist on the need for checks on goods entering Northern Ireland from Great Britain.

The bloc has repeatedly claimed the integrity of the single market would be undermined if items from Scotland, England and Wales were allowed to pour into Northern Ireland unchecked.

This claim has been disputed by critics, who point out that only a tiny percentage of all the goods imported into the single market flow into the province.

One reader went as far as to compare the EU’s behaviour to “subjugation”.

They wrote: “So now we are relying on permission to supply medicine to a county in our own country?

“We are allowing an organisation who is not a country and whose leaders are not voted in by the electorate to dictate to us what foods we are allowed in Northern Ireland?

“This is not an agreement! It is subjugation! Get us out of this mess now!

“We have given sovereignty to a known corrupt cartel!”

Another said they believed Brussels was deliberately ignoring the pleas from Unionist and loyalists in Northern Ireland.

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For months, they have warned the protocol effectively cuts them off from the rest of the UK and have called for the treaty to be scrapped.

One reader wrote: “The EU would risk unrest on the streets of NI as a price worth paying to force the UK to accept their rules and regs…. No UK Government can accept this over a silly EU requirement.”

And yet a third said if bosses in Brussels were kicked out of negotiations, Britain and the Republic of Ireland could sort out the issues on their own.

The person said: “Remove the EU from the equation and the UK will be fine with other Europeans.”

Others claimed communities across the continent were ashamed of the EU’s tactics towards the former member state of Britain.

One reader said the EU has “humiliated them in front of the whole world” adding: “It’s 2021, but mainland Europe is still stuck in 1939.”

Another said the time had come for Boris Johnson and his team of advisers to adopt a stronger stance when dealing with the EU.

The person wrote: “When EU’s aim is to hurt UK more and more it is the time to be stronger than ever against them.”

Brexit minister Lord Frost has argued that the problems with the post-Brexit agreement that has caused a trade barrier in the Irish Sea are largely down to the EU’s implementation of the deal he helped broker.

He said the Government intends to “implement what we signed up to but it’s the fact of implementation that’s causing the problem”.

Giving evidence to the Stormont Executive committee over protocol last week, he blamed negotiators under former prime minister Theresa May as being responsible to a “very large degree” for issues surrounding the mechanism.

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