Ukraine’s ambassador backs Boris over Brexit-Ukraine comment ‘We ARE fighting for freedom’

China 'will play their own game with Russia' says Prystaiko

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Mr Prystaiko insisted the UK and Ukraine had both been fighting to leave different unions, the European Union and the former Soviet Union. The Ukrainian ambassador admitted to being surprised at the backlash Boris Johnson’s comments sparked as he interpreted the message as a desire of both the UK and Ukraine to independently choose their future. He told Sky News: “I was sitting in the front row when I listened to it.

“I didn’t see this reaction coming. Because what we heard in the room, what I heard myself, is that actually, we are fighting for freedom – the freedom to do what the nation wants to do.

“If you wanted to leave the European Union that’s your own sovereign decision. We respected it. We would like you to be in the European Union, but we respect this decision.”

Mr Prystaiko did however concede the differences between Brexit Britain and Brussels could not be compared with the ongoing struggle Ukraine is putting on to hit back at Moscow.

He continued: “If we wanted to leave something like the Soviet Union, we had to have the right, and look at the differences.


“You believe you have problems with the European Union when you left, it’s not a problem.

“If you compare it to what we have with Russians when we left the Soviet Union, they came to kill us for this decision.”

The Ukrainian Ambassador also warned his country is now running out of weapons to use against the invading Russian Army.

He said: “We didn’t have enough in the first place. So, we’re running out of weaponry.

Unexploded Russian missile lodges itself into Ukrainian home

“That’s what we’ll be seeing in the week to come.

“Tomorrow, President Zelensky will talk to Nato, the whole of Nato, and we will see how can we replenish our stocks and what we can have that has a much longer range and is stronger than ever.

“We have enough weapons to stop tanks immediately when they approach us.

“But to clear out our land we need to have something with a much greater distance.”

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