Ursula von der Leyen urged to QUIT over EU vaccine crisis – ‘She is truly incompetent!’

EU vaccine rollout is a ‘mismanaged mess’ says Adler

The German EU chief has come under attack over the bloc’s disastrous handling of the Covid jab roll-out programme which culminated last night in a hamfisted attempt to invoke a Brexit mechanism to stop vaccines being exported to the UK via Northern Ireland. The plan, which would have created a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, was swiftly ditched when the scale of the anti-Brussels backlash became clear but the political damage had already been done and Ms von der Leyen is now facing calls to quit.

It isn’t a democracy, it isn’t even a country – it’s a power mad shambles!

Express.co.uk reader

An exclusive Express.co.uk poll found a staggering 94 percent (8,668 people) thought she should fall on her sword as a result of the vaccine shambles while just 6 percent (467) people thought she should keep her job.

A total of 9,196 people took part in the online poll which ran from 8am until 8pm on Saturday January 30 2021.

One reader said the fiasco in Brussels proved Brexit was the right decision, saying: “This is nothing to do with us now.

“It is up to the voters across the EU to do something about it. Their problem is that they didn’t vote for her so how do they get rid of her?

“We are now a free independent sovereign nation freed from the shackles of the EU, making our own laws, electing our own parliamentarians, controlling our borders etc.”

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Those views were echoed by another reader who said: “The problem is no one can vote for her.

“It isn’t a democracy, it isn’t even a country – it’s a power mad shambles!”

Another wrote: “I voted no, purely because whilst she is there, they will screw up on everything they get involved with. She is truly incompetent.”

Another reader said: “You have to understand that EU bureaucrats are never sacked, never resign and are never accountable for any mistakes! They all live charmed lives.

“In 1999 the entire Commission ‘resigned’ amid revelations of fraud (oh surely not?).

“Well they didn’t exactly lose their jobs but just moved sideways, in order to continue wrecking Europe!”

And another said: “Why on earth should she resign? She’s handling affairs perfectly… for the UK.

“She’s not quite as effective as Corbyn would be but you get the point.”

The EU had sought to justify the measure as being needed to prevent Northern Ireland being used as a back door to move coronavirus vaccines from the bloc into the UK, “due to a lack of supply threatening to disturb the orderly implementation of the vaccination campaigns in the member states”.

But it was forced to back down late last night when London, Belfast and Dublin expressed outrage at the move.

Ms von der Leyen said she had held “constructive talks” with Boris Johnson.

She said: “We agreed on the principle that there should not be restrictions on the export of vaccines by companies where they are fulfilling contractual responsibilities.”

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Jörg Meuthen, the co-leader of Germany’s biggest opposition party, led the calls for her resignation.

He said: “The EU failed across the board in getting the vaccine.

“While other countries such as Great Britain ordered larger quantities of vaccine months earlier, the EU under Ursula von der Leyen’s leadership failed to take action in good time and then got bogged down hopelessly in contractual clauses with the pharmaceutical companies.”

“Being responsible also means taking responsibility. And this is what Frau von der Leyen should do now. She has caused great damage, not only for Germany and its citizens, but also for the entire EU.

“Admitting this, taking responsibility for one’s own failure and stepping back, would be the only right thing the EU Commission President can do now.”

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