US To Enhance Military Disposition In Europe; To Bolster NATO’s Eastern Flank Against Russian Threat

President Joe Biden has announced the deployment of United States military reinforcements across Europe to bolster security in the eastern flank in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Madrid on the sidelines of the 30-nation alliance’s summit, Biden said, “The Untied States will enhance our force posture in Europe and respond to the changing security environment as well as strengthening our collective security”.

Biden announced that a permanent U.S. Army garrison headquarters will be established in Poland to strengthen U.S.- NATO interoperability across the entire eastern flank.

Additional rotational Brigade Combat Team, consisting of 3,000 fighters and another 2,000 personnel, will be deployed in Europe, with its headquarters in Romania.

The United States will enhance its rotational deployments in the Baltic region.

The Pentagon will send two additional F-35 squadrons to the UK, and station additional air defense and other capabilities in Germany and in Italy.

In Germany, the U.S. will forward station an air defense artillery brigade headquarters, a short-range air defense battalion, a combat sustainment support battalion headquarters, and an engineer brigade headquarters managed by 625 military personnel.

In Italy, the United States will forward station a short-range air defense battery – totaling approximately 65 personnel.

U.S. Navy destroyers stationed in Spain’s Rota Naval Base will be increased from four to six.

“And together, our Allies — we’re going to make sure that NATO is ready to meet threats from all directions, across every domain: land, air, and the sea,” Biden said.

“In a moment when Putin has shattered peace in Europe and attacked the very, very tenets of the rules-based order, the United States and our Allies — we’re going to step up. We’re stepping up,” he added.

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