‘Very committed Tory’ member issues damning verdict on ‘ridiculous’ Boris Johnson

Conservative party member calls Johnson 'morally flawed'

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Boris Johnson has been facing the ires of both his MPs and party members furious at his management of the coronavirus pandemic as well as to his response to allegations of Covid rules breaches. A “very committed” Conservative Party member delivered a vitriolic slapdown of the Prime Minister, echoing concerns expressed by several MPs in recent days over the future of his leadership. Speaking to LBC, Mike from Battersea said: “I’m a Conservative Party member.

“I’m a certified member, a certified activist. I’ve been a committee member on the ward, I’ve been a ward chairman on South Ken years back.”

Host David Lammy said: “Wow, so this is a very committed Conservative. The floor is yours, how are you feeling?”

The fed-up caller replied: “I think the idea of Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister is ridiculous.

“He’s morally flawed, he’s corrupt, he made a joke of the House of Lords.

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“He’s a liar, he doesn’t tell the truth, and I don’t trust him. I don’t know anybody, and I’ve asked this question to a lot of people – would you lend Boris Johnson £20?

“I’ve never met anybody who said yes to that. Or, if you did lend it to him, would you get it back? There’s a moral vacuum, a complete moral vacuum.”

Asked whether he had supported Boris Johnson in previous elections, Mike said: “No, never.

“Actually, that’s not true -I’ve voted for him as a Mayor of London and I regret that every day.”

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He added: “I think the idea of Boris Johnson being anywhere near our public lives is appalling.”

The Prime Minister has been facing increasing pressure after he was forced to launch an investigation into claims suggesting a party was held at Number 10 in December 2020, when Covid Tier 2 restrictions were in place.

Mr Johnson insisted during PMQs this week he had been reassured no gathering had taken place as he apologised to the British public on behalf of his staff after footage of Downing Street aides seemingly mocking social distancing rules was leaked to ITV.

Cabinet Secretary Simon Case will be leading the investigation, which already sparked the resignation of the Prime Minister’s former Press Secretary, Allegra Stratton, on Wednesday.

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On Thursday, the Prime Minister will see further pressure added as the Conservatives seek to re-secure the North Shropshire constituency in an unexpectedly challenging by-election.

The vote was itself the result of another blunder by the Government after attempting to avoid former MP Owen Paterson from serving a 30-day suspension for breaching standards rules.

The Conservatives have held the seat for decades and Mr Paterson was re-elected in 2019 by a majority of 23,000.

But following the release of the leak, bookies have now put the Lib Dems in the lead.

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