Vile! Angela Rayner urged to apologise for ‘Tory scum’ insult – poll

Angela Rayner on concerns over vaccine passport ‘bureaucracy’

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Ms Rayner’s attack, delivered at a reception for activists at the Labour Party conference, has outraged members of the Government, with one minister accusing her of “talking crap”. Labour’s deputy leader said she will apologise to Boris Johnson over her Tory “scum” remarks if the Prime Minister sits down with her and says sorry for his own remarks.

Ms Rayner tweeted this morning: “People seem to be far more concerned with my choice of language than the fact that Boris Johnson has made comments that are racist, homophobic and sexist.

“I’m very happy to sit down with Boris. If he withdraws his comments and apologises, I’ll be very happy to apologise to him.”

Express readers have also backed the position of UK Government ministers and urged Ms Rayner to apologise.

Our poll which ran on Sunday, September 27, from 12pm to 12pm on Monday, September 28 asked readers whether Ms Rayner should apologise?

Our poll found 16,577 people (89.3 percent of respondents) replied Yes.

Meanwhile, 1,846 of 18,547 respondents (9.95 percent) said No and 124 people (0.66 percent) responded that they were not sure.

Express readers also expressed concerns over the comments this morning.

One reader said: “She insulted millions of traditional Labour voters, this is what you get when you have women-only shortlists instead of best person for the job.”

A second described Ms Rayner as “vile” adding: “She proves how vile the nasty party are – she should stay to remind people not to vote Labour.”

Another reader said: “Angela Rayner has shown us all why the Labour Party is not fit for purpose and is unelectable.

“Weak leadership and foul mouth deputy leader.”

A fourth reader sarcastically stressed Ms Rayner “should stay in the party and continue to work towards making Labour unelectable for the foreseeable future.”

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A final reader claimed: “Same old labour relying on insults to win votes.”

Sir Keir Starmer also appeared to distance himself from her comments yesterday.

Sir Keir told The Andrew Marr Show on BBC One on Sunday that he and Ms Rayner “take different approaches and that’s not language that I would use”.

Foreign Office minister James Cleverly said voters can see a Tory party that has had two female prime ministers and the “most diverse government” and “they’ll know she’s talking crap”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said Ms Rayner’s verbal attack was “absolutely appalling”, telling Sky News: “There’s no place in public life for that sort of language, that sort of behaviour.”

But veteran Tory MP James Gray opened up the Conservatives to criticism after he suggested a bomb should be planted in Labour frontbencher Anneliese Dodd’s office.

Mr Gray apologised for the “foolish remark”, made in a WhatsApp group with fellow Tory MPs.

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