Voice of the Mirror: Sleazy Andrew Griffiths is a moral vacuum who’s in denial

If shamed Tory sexual predator Andrew Griffiths had an ounce of decency left in his body he would quit as an MP now.

The husband and father has proved himself to be a deeply disturbed individual, a moral vacuum who betrayed his wife and new baby as well as constituents with his depraved thoughts and requests.

To pretend 2,000 messages he sent to two female targets were “a few moments stupidity” is the revisionism of a troubled man refusing or unable to grasp the extent of the disgust at his vile behaviour.

We never expect MPs to behave like bishops, but we should not tolerate sleaze.

Grimy Griffiths, or “Daddy” as he liked to call himself to the two women, is unfit to make laws we have to live by.

Go now, Griffiths.

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Don the devil

Goodbye and good riddance to Donald Trump, who left Britain after a ­disastrous visit for a meeting with Vladimir Putin.

The US President is a loose cannon, and tens of thousands of protesters from our country’s decent majority marched to demonstrate against his hate.

It might be best the ogre never returns. Whoever is Prime Minister will see him at summits like the G7 and NATO anyway.

We do not object to him championing ­America’s interests, although half of his country detests him. But we do object to him offering half-baked assessments about Britain and lying with his frequent contradictions. That he gets along with Putin, as well as despot Kim Jong-un, is another reason why a long spoon is needed to sup with this devil.

Harry’s booty

Congratulations to Harry Kane on becoming the first England player since Gary Lineker in 1986 to win the Golden Boot as the World Cup’s top goalscorer.

But we are sure the captain would have happily swapped the honour for a place in the final – and definitely a winner’s medal.

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