‘We’re very clear from our side!’ EU chief lambasts Boris Johnson over NI ‘clarity’

European Union lambasts Boris Johnson over NI 'clarity'

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EU Commissioner for Financial Services Mairead McGuinness urged PM Boris Johnson to provide “clarity” over NI protocol intentions after saying the EU is “very clear” on its side. Referring to possible ways to move forward with the protocol, Ms McGuinness discouraged the UK from taking “a unilateral action” as she claimed “[the EU and the UK] can crack this together” and the EU acknowledge the “difficulties and problems with business and citizens” that Northern Ireland is facing.

Ms McGuinness said: “When I try interpret comments coming from the Prime Minister, some of his ministers and some of his backbenchers, frankly I get many different layers of the story.

“But I don’t get clarity.

“On our side, we’re very clear!”

She also added: “We can crack it together, but nobody will crack this with the unilateral action or talking to the mirror.

“You have to do it across the table, the European Union and the United Kingdom, and it is doable, this is not something that is impossible.

“The first key message is that Northern Ireland, the problems with businesses and citizens, we acknowledge them.

“We’ve addressed them in the October package.

“The UK say ‘not enough, and therefore we’re going to take this unilateral action’.

“I don’t know what the purpose of that is, because if it is about relationship building, it fails.

“If it is about you need an insurance, which was the term I head, why do you need an insurance policy if there is trust between the parties?

“Look at how we’re working on sanctions collectively against Russia, look at the big picture here, and the look at Northern Ireland.

“There is benefit for businesses and people, there are difficulties in [Northern Ireland], we are willing to address those difficulties.


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“But time and again just as we feel progress could be made, you hear these public utterances.

“And they are not clear”.

PM Boris Johnson met the leaders of Northern Ireland’s five main political parties on Monday with the purpose to make progress regarding future steps concerning the NI protocol.

In light of the meeting and pressure regarding future actions to take regarding the agreement, Mr Johnson claimed the government do not want to get rid of the protocol, adding: “We don’t want to scrap it, but we think it can be fixed”.

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