‘Why should Queen forego her birthday?’ Lammy brutally dismantles PM’s partying defence

Boris Johnson criticised by Lammy over alleged birthday party

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The shadow Foreign Secretary asked why Boris Johnson should be held to a different standard than other Britons or even the Queen as he was interviewed on the BBC’s Today programme on Tuesday. He added: “The Prime Minister tweeted a letter he sent to a young woman, Josephine, seven she was, and he said to her, ‘Well done for not having your birthday party. We must do all we can to protect the NHS.’

“Why should Josephine forgo her birthday party? Indeed. Why should the Queen forgo her birthday party? The semantics of what constitutes a party is frankly not the subject that I as shadow foreign secretary want to be debating on the Today programme on a Tuesday morning.

“That’s very sad that we have to do this, what I would say is very, very serious.

“The Prime Minister and his Government had to make a set of rules, but they’re actually laws that restrict people’s going about their affairs, their socialisation, that meant they couldn’t go to funerals. It meant they couldn’t do all sorts of things, and that included my own family.

“That is why this is serious, and when you take on that duty as Prime Minister, you need to reflect on your ability to then live by those rules. And week after week, we have this drip drip drip of a behaviour, a culture.

“Was he at a party? Did he know he was at a party? He didn’t realise the rules? He is the Prime Minister of our country, and he has breached that trust.”

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