Huge blow for Mark Drakeford as Tory rival overtakes in poll for first time

Andrew RT Davies criticises Wales' new 20mph speed limit

Mark Drakeford has suffered a major blow after his Tory rival overtook him for the first time in new polling.

Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies was one point ahead of the Labour politician in the survey by Redfield & Wilton Strategies on who would make the better First Minister in Wales.

It comes as Mr Drakeford has faced a backlash over the introduction of a new 20mph speed limit in the country.

The poll put Mr Davies, who has been a fierce critic of the speed limit, up four points from last month to 34 percent.

Mr Draford was down 11 points to 33 percent in the survey of 959 Welsh voters carried out from October 14 to 15. A further 33 percent were undecided. 

It is the first time Mr Davies had led Mr Drakeford in polling by the company on who would make the better Welsh First Minister.

Mr Drakeford has been on a downward trajectory since the new 20mph speed limit in Wales came into force in September.

The polling also found Labour’s lead over the Conservatives in Wales was down by two points since last month.

But Labour is still 20 points ahead on 46 percent when it comes to who Welsh voters would back in a general election, with the Tories on 26 percent.

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It comes after Wales became the first country in the UK to drop the default speed limit from 30mph to 20mph for residential roads.

A record-breaking petition against the move by the Labour-run Welsh Government on the Senedd website has been signed by more than 450,000 people.

Mr Drakeford’s administration has said that cutting the speed limit would protect lives and save the NHS in Wales £92million a year.

But the project is costing around £33million to implement, while it is expected to hit the economy by up to £9billion.

Not all 30mph roads will see their speed limits reduced as councils have the power to exempt certain roads from the scheme.

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