Understanding More About Quest Room Platform

It is quite possible that you may have come across your friends talking about Escape Hour and also other terms such as quest game. You may or may not be aware of the full details of the same. Therefore, we will spend some time trying to unravel the various things about the whole thing so that the readers are in a better position to have a reasonably good understanding about it.

Whether you are in Calgary, Edmonton or other such places we are sure that the information that is being shared over the new few lines will help our readers to have better information and knowledge about Escape Hour in Calgary.

What Exactly is This Game All About?

Put in simple words, when we talk about Quest Room, we are referring to an adventure game that runs for 60 minutes and it looks and feel like a real life situation. It is basically a team game where you along with your team members will assemble. You will be given the task of completing your entire mission and get away from the escape room. The entire operation of successfully escaping from the room is not easy. However, it certainly is full of excitement and challenges and you will love every moment of it.

What Does It Involve?

If you are keen on a successful escape, you will have to do quite a few things. These include finding some tough hidden clues and also solving some difficult puzzles that are spread across the room and other places. This is not easy because within the sixty minutes you may have to look around places. These may include looking for the right clued that could be lying underneath the rug. You may also have to sift and rummage through the various books that are arranged on the shelves.

The paintings on the wall, the furniture that you may be sitting on, or the floor that you are walking on could also hold clues that could help you to get out of the escape room within 60 minutes. You also will come across a mysterious string of numbers. You will have to scratch your head and look for the right combination locks that may help you to open the locker room. You may also have to try your luck using the conventional key for opening a padlock.


There is no denying the fact that each and everything may or may not be a potential clue. You have to be intelligent and learn to separate the grain from the chaff as far as the keys and clues are concerned. You simply do not have the time to look up and examine each clue because you just have sixty minutes to complete the whole exercise.