Chipotle's investment in digital paid off during Covid-19

New York (CNN Business)Chipotle is adding cauliflower rice to its menu as customers’ tastes shift toward healthier options.

Beginning Monday, the cilantro-lime flavored rice alternative will be available at all of Chipotle’s roughly 2,700 US and Canada locations for a limited time. The nationwide launch follows a trial last July at 55 locations in Denver and Wisconsin that garnered favorable results, attracting new and infrequent customers.

Chipotle's new cauiflower rice is available in US and Canada.
Substituting cauliflower rice in place of Chipotle’s regular rice options will cost $2 extra.

    Health-conscious customers have increasingly been gravitating toward low-carb or more plant-based alternatives, such as cauliflower rice. One serving has 4 net carbs — a fraction of the carbs in a cup of white or brown rice. The chain said the recipe is a “twist” on its traditional white rice preparation, because it uses the “same fresh cilantro and lime ingredients, and similar culinary techniques.”
    The launch is timed with people going on diets as a New Year’s resolution. Chipotle (CMG) offers a variety of meals that fit into paleo, ketogenic and Whole30 eating plans. All three of these diets follow strict rules and are growing in popularity.

    Chipotle has also remodeled its menu for vegetarians with vegan or vegetarian bowls made from existing ingredients.
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